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Sending email attachments using Gmail.

          Sending attachments over email is a handy way to share documents, pictures and important files in this modern age of the internet. Due to the advancements in the technology, it has become more accessible to people than ever before.

Following is the quick guide that will help you to get the job done using Gmail.

1. Open your favorite browser.

2. In the address bar type, ‘’ and click on Gmail. Sign-in to your account if not already.

3. Wait for the Gmail to load.

4. When Gmail loads completely, click Compose on the upper left corner to start writing an email.

5. In the topmost text field type in the recipient’s email address, in the subject field give the relevant subject, in the next text field below compose the body of your email, explain briefly about your attachment or anything you want to talk about. After composing your email look for the paper clip icon on the bottom left corner to attach the file you want to send (please note, a single email only supports 25 MBs of file size).

6. Here you will are allowed to look for the file you want to attach, select the file and hit Open.

7. The moment you click Open the file starts to upload. When the Gmail has done with uploading your file, the only thing for you to do is double check everything and hit that Send button.

If everything is done as shown here, your email should be on its way to the recipient.

I have made a video to demonstrate the very same topic, please have a look if you feel the need.