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Saving a Word document as PDF in Microsoft Word 2016.

          Saving a Word document as PDF can be very handy when publishing a document online or handing a read-only copy of the document to a client or an end user. The process mentioned here is exactly the same for Microsoft Office 2010 to Microsoft Office 2016.

Following are the steps that will walk you through the complete process of saving as PDF.

1. Click Start on the taskbar.

2. In the search bar type ‘Word 2016’, and click on the app, if already installed.

3. Wait for the software to load.

4. When the software starts, you will be presented with the templates if the internet is connected. Select the one that suits your specific need or you can start with the blank document. For this example, I am selecting one of these templates.

5. After selecting the template you will be presented with this next dialog box which has a preview and the detailed information of the selected template. Click Create if already downloaded and if not then click download (internet must be connected for this step to proceed).

6. After successful download, the file will open in the main window. This is the place where you can make changes to the downloaded template that suits your need. When finished editing go to the File menu as depicted below.

7. In this menu look for Save as option.

8. Here find the Browse option to find the destination for your PDF file to save.

9. When Browse is clicked a new window will appear which will ask for the destination to save the file. After selecting the destination and giving your file a proper name look for the Save as type drop-down menu. Select PDF from this menu.

10. This is the final step of the process, double check everything else and hit save to save your file.